The Cove at Marina Bay (through Allis, Inc.)

Objective / Rebrand a condominium complex in Richmond, California with a boutique, luxury, coastal feel.
Vehicles / Stationery system, 38-page brochure with folder, email marketing, newspaper advertising, online advertising, website, and wayfinding signage.


  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Visual and graphic design 
  • Art direction 
  • Print production
  • Digital production
  • Photo editing 
  • Photo research 
  • Fabrication research 
  • Vendor partnerships

"Allison came to help us in a two-week pinch and stayed for 7 months. Allison has a keen eye and demonstrates leadership across projects. She also has a 'no ask is too big or too small' approach to work, which is particularly helpful at a nimble shop."

—Lindsay Salter / Operations Director, Allis Inc.

The Cove stationery system.
The Cove business cards.
The Cove letterhead
The Cove community area map
The Cove neighborhood map.
The Cove website and email marketing.
The Cove brochure; cover.
The Cove brochure; cover detail.
The Cove brochure; cover and inside spread.
The Cove brochure; inside spread.
The Cove brochure; inside spread.
The Cove newspaper ad.
The Cove newspaper ad.
The Cove entrance sign and a-frame sign.
The Cove wayfinding signs.

"What do an ice cold beer, bacon, cheese, and Allison have in common? Nothing. But they sure are good."

—Oliver Carreon / Creative Director, Allis Inc.

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