Coupa / Advantage Explainer Video

Atomic D design agency partnered with Coupa to create three videos introducing their Advantage program. Leveraging existing branding styles and graphics, our team created an animated world paired with a friendly, easy-to-follow narration.

Results / Successful partnership throughout project pipeline led to multiple client reengagements. 

Channels / Video

Role / Project Manager


  • Creative project management
  • Resource management 
  • Client communication
  • Voiceover talent sourcing and session management  
  • Music sourcing and approval

Design: Austin Acala / Creative Direction: Dave Moyer

"Allison is an outstanding Project Manager and the perfect teammate. She excels at client communication and internal organization, allowing our team to learn and work efficiently. One of the best things about Allison is that she always has your back on any project. She will always double check specs, deliverables, and designs to ensure that clients receive high quality work that goes beyond their expectations. Allison's ability to to support and guide team members through projects was immensely helpful because she has the same instincts as a designer and manager."

—Austin Acala / Art Director

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