The North Face / Backpack Finder

Objective / Drive back-to-school backpack sales and position The North Face as the category leader by reinforcing product expertise, quality, and variety of styles. Simplify online shopping experience with an easy-to-use Backpack Finder. 

Strategy / Research customers' top product concerns and leverage for the Finder navigation. Reinforce lifetime guarantee—a key brand differentiator—in key placements: in the introduction to the Finder and again on its results page. Target key customer groups through email to drive sales in the top three backpack categories.

Results / Generated $2M+ in online sales, a +200% year-over-year growth. Email campaign contributed over $250K in e-commerce sales.

Channels / E-commerce site, email marketing campaign 


  • Creative project management
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • E-commerce strategy
  • User Research
  • User Experience
  • Visual Design
  • Digital production

"Allison is a great person to work with. She always comes to the table with innovative ideas and different ways to think about what needs to be accomplished."

—Jayleon Jordan / Designer

Desktop experience for The North Face Back-to-School Backpack Finder

Category-specific banners and navigation modules for backpack campaign.

12-week email campaign targeted customers in various buying categories: commuters, college-bound students, and moms purchasing for their school-aged kids. 

"Allison's energy and ability were consistently life savers. She listens and understands what is needed and then executes the work brilliantly."

—Lisamarie Gaulin / Project Manager

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