Trusli / Branding & Identity

Formerly known as Sleegal, this startup offering trusted legal expertise was in need of a new identity. Atomic D Agency worked with the two founders to develop a new name and graphic identity system, and rolled it out into social media, blogs, and other uses.

Channels / Website, social media, print, and video

Role / Project Manager


  • Creative project management
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Resource management 
  • Client communication

Design: Valerie Miller / Creative Direction: Dave Moyer

Trusli logo, purple and black

Logo + Wordmark

“I love the attribute of “calm” in someone juggling so many aspects because it’s easy to get caught up in the moving parts, and Allison stays on point, keeping things running smoothly. She has worked with internal teams with a range of experience and has supported their efforts and skill sets to ensure clients get the best experience and deliverables possible.”

—Jamie Capozzi / Executive Creative Director

12 pages of brand guidelines

Brand Guidelines

Using Format