Gymboree / Playing Dressed Up

Objective / Promote multi-generational family outfitting for holiday.

Strategy / Kids will play no matter what—even in their holiday-photo-finery. Show the durability and flexibility of Gymboree product in all situations of play, with newborn to grandparent taking part.

Channels / Retail store signage and collateral, video, out-of-home advertising, direct mail, e-commerce, email marketing

Roles and Skills 

  • Creative project and program management 
  • Creative concept 
  • Omnichannel design direction 
  • Photo art direction 
  • Graphic design
  • Campaign strategy
  • Integrated marketing
  • Team leadership
  • Cross-functional collaboration 
Gymboree window banners

Campaign key art.

"Allison was an inspiring creative leader with the ability to manage a tremendous workload, meet tight deadlines and motivate her team—all with humor, grace and loads of talent."

—Aki Gibbons / UX writer

Gymboree Holiday Direct Mail
Gymboree Holiday family matching outfits

"Allison was always full of great energy and insight as to how to make any project look better, work harder, and get the message across. Her attention to detail and ability to juggle many projects at the same time, while remaining cool and collected is something to admire. Add to that her keen sense of design, and incredible organizational skills, Allison would surely be great to have on any design team."

—James Clattenberg / Art Director

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